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Project Description

Bigfoot Industrial manufactured trailer including a 40-foot hand crank telescoping mast (hand crank engineered by Bigfoot). This particular trailer frame is pre-assembly and is designed to be fitted with an EFOY Pro Hybrid energy solution sold through Simark Controls. Post assembly, the trailer will be fitted with an EFOY Pro Fuel Cell system hybridized with a solar array allowing for 100% power reliability regardless of weather conditions and significantly longer autonomy than with battery banks powered by solar alone. During periods of insufficient solar power input, the EFOY fuel cell automatically switches on and maintains the battery bank, reducing costly downtime and maintenance intervals by avoiding the deep discharging of the battery and ensuring 100% uptime of all equipment being powered. These hybrid power trailers provide a reliable cost-effective solution for mobile applications such as remote data logging, equipment monitoring, communications, lighting, and security surveillance.