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Conveyor systems can be a critical component in an industrial facility. They are comprised of a single or several mechanical devices used to move materials or goods from one location to another. These systems play a significant role in various types of industrial and manufacturing applications, where they may be used during production, assembly, storage, or transport of products.

Conveyors may require maintenance to ensure production efficiency and to sustain the working life of these systems. Horizon Industrial is a trusted Calgary millwright company that specializes in a broad range of industrial conveyor systems. At Horizon Industrial, we can repair any conveyor system, we can install any new conveyor system, and we have the expertise to maintain any conveyor system to ensure you get the maximum life out of your equipment.

We keep your conveyor systems running smoothly so you can optimize efficiency and productivity while avoiding costly downtime.

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Conveyor Installation

Conveyor Installation

Conveyor installation is the process of putting a new conveyor system in place and ensuring it is ready for use. This should be done by certified millwright professionals who specialize in industrial equipment. The conveyor installation process can be complicated, time-consuming, and may require the involvement of several technical considerations.


Conveyor Repair

Conveyor Installation

Industrial facilities with conveyors will eventually and inevitably require conveyor repair services. Just like other machines, conveyor systems are prone to failures and breakdowns due to faulty, damaged, or misused components. Some of the most common problems that a conveyor might develop would be seized rollers, belt slippage, mistracking, or motor issues.


Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor Installation

No matter how fully functional your conveyor system might be, it is still prone to failure just like any other machine. Do not wait until it shuts down at a crucial moment before you begin panicking about problems that would have otherwise been avoided. Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid last-minute disappointment. Routine maintenance tasks may include an array of services…


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Why Preventative Maintenance?

Workplace Safety

Conveyor systems are a significant part of any industrial facility. While they promote efficiency in production, these systems also pose a high safety risk to people who work around them. However, a well-maintained system presents low-risk, ensuring a safe working environment.

Cost Savings

Having your conveyor checked and serviced on a regular basis, as a preventative measure may reduce if not potentially eliminate the necessity for major repair. Repairs cannot only be expensive but also disruptive at times. Lengthening the period in between repairs by ensuring routine maintenance makes more economic sense.

Business Integrity

Without preventative maintenance, unexpected downtime as a result of equipment malfunction may occur. This might hinder you from fulfilling all the orders from your customers on a consistent basis. Preventative maintenance can be an effective way to maintain the integrity of your organization.

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